Curtiss Mansion Inc. (CMI), a Florida-registered 501(c)3 was established in 1998 to preserve the home and legacy of legendary hero Glenn Hammond Curtiss, a designated site on the National Register of Historic Places Our mission is “To restore and operate the home and gardens of Glenn Hammond Curtiss, visionary aviator, inventor and developer, as an interactive technology-based educational center focusing on the inventions and contributions of Curtiss and other unsung American Heroes, and as an architecturally unique, income-generating venue for celebrating life’s milestones.”

With the help of the State of Florida Division of Historical Resources, Miami-Dade County, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, the Miami Springs Historical Society, the City of Miami Springs and countless private and corporate donors, the Mansion doors reopened to the public in 2012. After 17 years of heroic grassroots effort, including raising several million dollars twice (original pledges were lost as a result of 9/11), the Mansion became available for historic, cultural, educational, recreational, social, civic and other community uses. Under terms of the current Management Agreement, CMI is tasked with sustaining fundraising efforts, maintenance, daily operations and oversight of the Mansion and all of its activities.

With adaptive redesign of the interior for maximum flexible use of space and complete ADA access, restrooms and elevator, the Mansion provides a quality location for fulfilling its mission. Public programming based on the Chautauqua Institute model commenced almost immediately, and in 2013 the first paid Executive Director was hired. Offering a unique mix of fine and performing arts presentations, lectures, films, exhibits, classes, youth activities and other events, CMI continues to build on its successes.



Curtiss Mansion was designated as a local historic site under the City of Miami Springs History Preservation Ordinance


Curtiss Mansion, Inc. (CMI) was incorporated in the State of Florida The Mansion site was donated to the City of Miami Springs by hotel chain, Sunburst Hospitality Corporation, Inc. of Maryland


CMI entered into a management agreement with the City of Miami Springs


Curtiss Mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places City of Miami Springs City Council approved plans for the City Bicycle Path, which allowed the Mansion to become a trailhead site on the path and seek associated funding
CMI secured pledges of $8 million for the rehabilitation of the Mansion
CMI was awarded a State of Florida grant of $300,000 for debris removal and structure stabilization of the Mansion
CMI hired RJ Heisenbottle & Associates to develop the initial schematics for the debris removal and stabilization of the Mansion, and then to prepare the architectural and engineering drawings for the restoration of the Mansion, according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation
(July) First reading of Miami-Dade County resolution approving $5 million for Mansion rehabilitation
(September 11) Terrorists attack on the United States
(September 26) Second reading of Miami-Dade County resolution for funding was denied and money was placed in emergency contingence fund for the County; the additional pledges of $3 million pledges by aviation-related businesses were rescinded


CMI re-started fundraising efforts and raised nearly $4 million to begin the restoration of the Mansion


CMI/City of Miami Springs awarded $1 million by the Metropolitan Planning Organization
CMI/City of Miami Springs awarded $1 million by Miami-Dade County General Obligation Bonds


CMI/City of Miami Springs granted an additional $1 million from Miami-Dade County General Obligation Bonds due to efforts and support by Commissioner Rebeca Sosa
(March) Carivon Construction awarded the Mansion restoration contract (April) Construction begins


(April) The Curtiss Mansion reopens its doors to the public