Check out some of the highlights from our recent trip to Hammondsport, NY. The hometown of our very own Glenn Hammond Curtiss. We had such a wonderful time meeting everyone and seeing the Glenn Curtiss Museum and the Wings & Wheels Event. We highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the Finger Lakes area! Thank you to the many staff, donors, and volunteers of the Curtiss Museum who made us feel so welcome. We plan to reciprocate in March !!! Fingers crossed.

Curtiss Mansion Executive Director, Melinda Jester with the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum Executive Director, Benjamin Johnson. 
The top row is Kay Wilder, a longtime volunteer at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, with our Executive Director Melinda Jester. Sitting is the manager of the museum’s restoration shop Art Wilder and on the left is his brother.
A Curtiss Commando lives at the entrance to the museum welcoming you inside.
This is the current project in the Museum’s restoration shop. They are rebuilding a WWII P40 that went down in 1945 during a training exercise right here in Florida.
Melinda Jester got to stand on the wing of the P40! She agreed after some encouragement from the shop manager Art Wilder.
These are original items from the Curtiss Mansion from back when Glenn Curtiss and his family lived here. The items were generously donated to the museum after the death of his son Glenn Curtiss, Jr.
Lena Curtiss was known for her love of the finer things in life. In this exhibit, you get a small taste of her collection of jewelry and shoes.
Check out this amazing model of the 1908 June Bug designed by Curtiss when he was working for the Aerial Experiment Association!
Alexandria Robison and Melinda Jester at the Wings and Wheels Banquet where they awarded winners of the seaplane flying contests and we won a raffle!
This picture of the banquet was taken from a remodeled version of The America. The first plane to make a transatlantic flight, and it was designed by Glenn Curtiss.
This is a working remodel of Glenn Curtiss’ America, and it has been flown over Keuka Lake!
What is now an abandoned school used to be the site of Glenn Curtiss’ Hammondsport home. “The white house on the hill with a copula”
In the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, there is a very nice Curtiss Family plot for Glenn, his wife Lena, and their two sons Carlton and Glenn, Jr.
On the edge of Keuka Lake, there is a scale model of one of Glenn’s first airplanes that could land on water.
A seaplane was taking laps around Keuka Lake for the Wings and Wheels festival. The same lake that Glenn Curtiss used as a runway for his winter aviation experiments.
The Curtiss Motorcycle Company displayed a prototype for its electric motorcycle inspired by the innovative spirit and design of Glenn Curtiss’ motorcycles.
Wings and Wheels in Hammondsport is an annual celebration of motorcycles, cars, and airplanes all rolled into one festive weekend – with great food too.