Though I now live in Asheville, North Carolina, I grew up in Miami Springs from 1951 to 1973 when my dad was a pilot for National Airlines.

With so much water around, most of the kids I knew learned to swim at the Miami Springs Villas. What could be better than hangin’ out with your mom, your friends and all your friend’s moms in a great pool with sunshine, green grass and flamingos to boot? Not much! There was only one thing that beat even cool water on a hot Miami day: the food.

Jimmy Buffet’s “Cheese Burger in Paradise” had nothing on the nice fat hamburgers you earned after swimming lessons. Sided by crisp french fries, a cold dill pickle slice, and a Coke, they were more than just a meal. They were something to be savored along with the blue sky, adobe buildings, the smell of sunscreen, and the sight of happy and familiar faces.

Miami Springs is a place of happy memories and a great place to grow up. Even now, when I go back periodically, I have the same feeling. Regardless of the fact that some things have changed. I’m still proud to be an “eternal Miami Springer.”

Bill Moore
HHS ’65

July, 2017