I can sum up my memories at the Mansion with more than one event at most of the facilities:

  • Paying a fee to make use of the Villas pool for the summer.
  • Playing handball and racquetball on the wall by the pool.
  • Riding my bike with my mom to have breakfast at the Villas restaurant (I think it was a hotel too).
  • A date at the Japanese Steakhouse, sitting on the floor Japanese style.
  • Riding my bike around the property, wishing that someday I could be one of those “Stewardesses” that lived in the little set of apartments during training along the driveway to the Villas.
  • Attending a surprise 50th birthday party for my boss, Maryjane Walter from Eastern Airlines, that her husband arranged at
    King Arthur’s Court.
  • Living my dream! When I became an Eastern Airline’s Flight Attendant practicing water ditches in the Villas pool!

Whitney (Rowell) Hutton

July, 2017